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We repair your windshield rock chips. Repair, don't replace!

50% of rock chips become non-repairable cracks within 1 year. 80% within 2 years. Consider yourself extremely lucky if your rock chip hasn't cracked in over two years because IT WILL eventually. Take action now before it's too late. Book your appointment online today with our client portal!

You'll save money and get peace of mind knowing you don't have to eventually replace your windshield when that rock chip becomes a huge crack.

Benefits of Repairing Your Rock Chip

  • You keep the factory seal on your windshield which is 100 times stronger than an after-market windshield installation.
  • A broken windshield is not recyclable and ends up in a landfill.
  • The cost to repair your windshield is just a fraction of the cost of replacing your glass. In many cases, you can get your windshield repaired at no cost to you.

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